ZEN Interior


Program: Interior Design
Area: – 7700 sq. ft.
Location: Alibaug, India


The Zen Apartment is a 7000 sf.ft weekend home in Alibaug. Studio Grid incorporated the Japanese Zen philosophy by building a subtle visual narrative of bringing contrasting materials and ideas together to form a space that will age in an imperfect yet beautiful manner. This is highlighted in the design by starting a dialogue between the outside and inside & by using natural materials such as wood and marble.



While one can experience fragments of this idea throughout the house; the living area is designed to bring the outside in by incorporating plants and greenery in the formal as well as informal furniture whereas the master suite focuses on the relationship with landscape & materials through a monolithic outdoor marble bathtub overlooking the sea. The designers tease the occupants by providing Zen circles at key locations, creating customized furniture, lights and even the artwork; all created to transport them to an ethereal and modern integration of a Japanese mood in an Indian milieu.


The house features (6) bedrooms, each with a walk in wardrobe and spaces, both formal and informal that provide structured yet relaxed environment for the client’s weekend getaways.